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Yuasa Trading Japan Annouced The New Growth Strategy

Blog EnDate: 16-11-2023 by: Marketing Admin

Yuasa Trading Japan Annouced The New Growth Strategy

Resilience & Security Business
Connecting security technology and BCP expertise for safe and secure living and business continuation.

In response to emerging societal challenges such as exacerbating natural disasters and infectious diseases, there is a need for resilient town building and business continuity strategies for companies.
YUASA TRADING consistently promotes products and services related to business continuation and disaster prevention and mitigation that contribute to increasingly resilient social infrastructure. We will aim to create a safe and secure society by leveraging the expertise we have cultivated.

New Distribution Businesses
Expanding our e-commerce (Growing Navi) together with business partners.

The e-commerce market is expanding due to the ongoing digitalization of business. Factories and construction contractors, our business partners, are increasingly turning to the rapid web-based procurement of materials and parts. YUASA TRADING began automating inventory searches and order processing in the 1980s before the Internet became widespread. This longstanding expertise is utilized in our e-commerce site, Growing Navi. We also aim to further enhance our digital sales tools, providing a place for one-stop product offerings to the e-commerce market.

Sharing Business
Providing a vast product lineup to meet the shift in consumer needs from ownership to sharing.

Increasing consumer interest in sustainability issues such as the global environment and social contribution is driving the shift from ownership to sharing in various sectors.
Utilizing our industry-leading network and extensive product lineup cultivated over the years, we cater to construction sites, various events, rental businesses, and more.

Long-Term Care & Medical Business
Proposing both hardware and software solutions for comfortable living in an aging society.

We will provide support for improving long-term care and medical facilities to solve social issues such as the aging society, labor shortages, and disruption to medical facilities due to infectious diseases. We offer power assist suits, sell equipment to facilities, and leverage our extensive knowledge from delivering countless energy-saving and carbon-neutral oriented solutions to realize energy savings in the medical field. Harnessing the collective strength of the YUASA TRADING Group, we aim to develop new products related to long-term and medical care and further expand sales of medical containers.

Food Equipment Business
With a focus on food safety, pushing forward with comprehensive equipment and machine solutions.

Rather than selling actual food products, we support the realization of safe, highly productive smart factories that address issues such as labor shortages and production loss in the food manufacturing process.
Using the collective strength of the YUASA TRADING Group, we provide comprehensive solutions, including utilities like heating and air conditioning systems, in addition to food equipment. We also promote our original solutions that embody “TSUNAGU” innovation.

Agriculture Process Business
We solve problems for producers and propose next-generation earning agriculture.

To address the aging and decrease of the agricultural workforce, we propose next-generation earning agriculture, aiming to reduce the workload of farmers and realize efficient agriculture. Harnessing our strength of having suppliers across a wide range of fields, we will push forward with the development and proposal of YUASA TRADING's original agricultural equipment, robots, and devices compatible with smart agriculture.